Welcome to the home of Nakkitta's Akc Siberian Huskies & Wolf Husky low-mid content too

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check out puppy and litter videos Please add your huskies pictures and all about him or her on our page we
would love to hear from you and see more pictures too…

With over 20 years experience in raising the beautiful AKC Siberian huskies and also our wonderful
wolf/huskies we have established a great reputation only adopt from a reputable breeder…..Please dont
hesitate to call and ask us any question’s or schedule a day and time to come and see our huskies  it is
important to make sure that when inquiring about adopting a new family member you are adopting from
someone who cares for and takes care of and loves their own just as much as you would we are a small
legal commercial  kennel and our  husky family mean the world to us and for the occasional husky puppy we
adopt out we would like to meet his/her adoptive family in person as it is not only important for us but for
you as well as there are so many scammers out there we have had so many steal our pictures and use our kennel name so please call or email us to schedule an appointment we also know it isnt always easy to drive out if several hours away but we would be happy to take your call as well that is an option as well.  Please use our site map to see our entire web site home
page will send you back to the home page see our policy pages and our 2 year Hereditary health Guarantee
on our pups what we do to take care of our babies and what we expect out of our adoptive families
We are a legal opperating commercial kennel with a great reputation 

Redwood Vet in Visalia Ca is our Vet. Dr. Shafer she sees most of our pups and comes and takes care of our huskies yearly….

Accepting deposits now for planned 2022 litters and 2023 see upcoming planned litter page for pairs we have puppies NOW see available puppy pages 1 and 2 A non refundable $300 deposit is required to get on our wait list and deposit is applied to the total of your pup and balance is due when you pick up your puppy in cash only. We do take $100 off each pup if adopting more than one from same litter and $100 off if adopting a second pup from us at any given time. We accept venmo, or check or cash for deposit we are more than happy to schedule visits to meet you and so that you can meet our huskies and see where they are raised

Wait Deposit List
AKC Siberian Husky
Venmo Accepted
1st. Heather/ 

2nd.. Gonzales / 
3rd. Wisdom/ 
4th. Adams/ 

5th. Tang/ Passing No Contact

6th. Van Hees/ 

7th. Abutaha/Female No Contact

8th. Baake/ female

9Th. Mangra/ Female

10th. Sheets/Male

11th. Open

13th. Open

Wait Deposit List
Venmo Accepted
2nd.Hoang /Male/
3rd. Mok/ Male/ 
4th.Ochoa/ Female/ 
5th.Martinez /
6th. Adams/Male/ 

7th. Magbua/ 

8th . Howard / Male

9th. Open

10th. open

11th. Open

12th. Open

Updates on Some past pups that have been adopted from us