My name is Heather and I am a 39 year old mother of 2, An 15 year old daughter  She has made the
honor roll several times at school. And a  very active 10 year old son . We have  had our huskies and wolf
huskies  for about 15 years now. I have owned several huskies growing up. We are Located on 15 acres
here in Woodlake Ca.  I was very excited to move here  as I am not a city girl as we moved from San
Diego, I love the country and mountains and doing anything outdoors.
I am happy to be able to raise our kids in a country lifestyle.
We brought My husky Sasha with us from San Diego and then we adopted Scout our wolf/husky in the
mountains nearby. And then we just grew from there. We are a small hobby family kennel we only have
about 8 adult huskies 4 Females and 4 Males of our own in our kennels most of the time, keeping it small
it is important to me to be able to give plenty of time to our huskies and the pups we may sometimes have.
The name Nakkittas Siberian huskies came from the very first Siberian Husky that I owned. It is in
Memory of her I only had her for about 2 years as our neighbors poisoned her.
I feel fortunate being able to have all our huskies and find it very rewarding being able to give another
family joy and happiness in owning a husky when we occasionally have a litter. My children love
watching a new litter being born and playing with them until they go to their new home’s.
We love going camping at least once a month during the hot summer months in our nearby Sequoia
Mountains or at Bass lake a few hours away. We also love to bowl, Play cards, White water rafting and
just about anything that lets us be outside enjoying nature and life. I myself love staying in shape and I
love running the most so lucky for me my huskies love running too. My husband is a contracted
hardwood, tile, vinyl, laminate all flooring contractor.

Our Siberian Huskies are  AKC registered and our vet comes and takes care of them  yearly.
And we do have a Kennel permit and are inspected frequently. Some of our huskies do have strong
champion blood lines in their pedigrees others just a few.

Our Siberian husky mixed with low-med content white arctic and Timber wolf and a small amount of
alaskan Mal. are also taken care of by our vet yearly and are very friendly. We do not raise for aggression
only friendly, playful and loving companions. Some of our wolf/huskies that we have adopted have been
trained for search and rescue.

We are a small private family hobby kennel  we are not a show kennel but we do have some beautiful
show quality huskies and puppies too a few times a year.

I am very good about responding to your emails pretty quickly and Have no problem with scheduling
day’s and times for families to come and see our huskies and kennels .
However our daughter is a Type 1 diabetic and has been diagnosed with this since she was 10 years now
we do have many Dr. appts and down days My family is my number 1 priority.
We will schedule appt’s when we can and I am very happy to answer your questions and phone calls
If coming to adopt a puppy or just coming to see our huskies and kennels we
will try and work with you around our families school and activity schedules.

In 2014 our neighbor who happens to be my father in law adopted 4 huskies himself and I help take care
of them and starting in 2016 those holding a deposit with us may also choose from any litters his females
may have.