Possible Upcoming puppy litter's

Planned upcoming litters are not guaranteed to take and we may choose to breed a differant pair together than stated but will be posted.. prior Heat cycles are estimated and can come early
or late. Once a litter is born pups will be posted at 1 week old on available puppy pages and updated weekly picks are done when pups are 3-4 weeks of age and when it is your turn to make
a pick you may choose to pick from available pups or you may choose to pass on the litter and your name  is rolled over to next upcoming litter and so on until you get the pup you are
looking for from us and if not enough pups in a litter your pick is rolled over as well. When wanting to get on our wait list you can do so in person we prefer this but understand you may
only be able to come when you pick up your new bundle of energy
we can schedule a day and time for you to come ) Or you can do so in the mail and you would need to contact us prior and fill out our policy pages  as we do have a 1 Year Hereditary
health guarantee as well on our pups and it goes over everything we do to take care of our pups while here and what is expected out of our new adoptive families…When placed on our list
you are not placed on a certain breeding pair as not all breedings are guaranteed to take…and we may choose to not breed a female after all for various reasons..We are a small family hobby
breeder and only have a few litters a year so call or email us and make sure we have room on our wait list…
Instagram page is updated often Nakkittas_Siberian_huskies   Please call to schedule a day and time to come and see our huskies

Tikanis and Gizmos litter of ow content wolf husky pups have arrived as of 12/10/21
Mya and storm were bred for akc siberian husky pups if she took expected litter would be due around Jan15th 2022
Jasmine will be bred in 2022 with gizmo for akc siberian husky pups Heat is due between Jan-March 2022
Nitara is planned to be bred with Bear around Jan-March 2022 for low wolf husky pups
Jade and Bear are due to be bred for akc siberian husky pups around Jan/Feb 2022

I will post more planned pairings soon